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Seeds Of Peace Africa
International (SOPA)
Welcome to: Creating a friendly and just world in which children, youth, and communities coexist peacefully, respect personal dignity and enjoy equal access to opportunities for better livelihoods. Contact Us:

Seeds Of Peace Africa International (SOPA)

SOPA International is a non-profit peace organization working for peace and non-violence; sustainable development and a friendly world.


Research and Policy Development

Improving accessibility of factual and credible information for policy advocacy.


Peace Building

Facilitating peace education through value-based sports among children and youth for change.


Livelihood Development

Building the capacities of communities on alternative livelihoods for sustainable development


Seeds Of Peace Africa International (SOPA) is a peace and development non-governmental organization whose activities run across borders of Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan in partnership with funding partners, national and local community-based organizations.

About SOPA

We empower children and young people in communities, organization and learning institutions to support their endeavors.

Mission and Values

We strive become agents of peaceful co-existence and social transformation in a just, non-violent and dignified way.

Current Programs

  • The Kenya Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project (KDRDIP)
  • NIWANO Peace Foundation
  • Food Security and Peace in the Cross-Border Region
  • Green Technology Solutions
  • Youth Agriculture, Enterprises, Leadership and Talent Action Teams
  • Aqua life and Blue Economy
  • Early Childhood Education

SOPA Projects Focus

SOPA uses Value Based Sports, Cultural Activities and Creative arts, life skills and Team Up strategies to engage the youth and community on issues that affect and impact their lives.

Alleviate Poverty By Providing Opportunity, Dignity, and Hope

A friendly and just world in which children, youth and communities co-exist peacefully, respect personal dignity and enjoy equal access to opportunities for livelihood development.

Ou Strategic Partners

Those whom we have partnered with, duration and the fruits of the partnership Over the years, SOPA has worked closely with different partners namely :

  • The Word Bank through the office of the President (2019 to date), SwissContact (2016 to date),
  • NIWANO Peace Foundation (2021),
  • IKV Pax Christi Netherlands (2009-2012), Kuron Peace Village, Catholic Diocese of Lodwar,
  • LOKADO, (2005 to date) Dutch Embassy, Intervida-Spain ( , Right to Play Canada(2012-2014),
  • International Sports Alliance, KNVB, Women Win (2009-2015), Ministry of Justice,
  • National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs Kenya (2012), Siaya County Government,
  • EED/Bread for the World Germany (2013 to date), GEIST, Sweden( 2017), GIZ (2016-2017) among others.SOPA continues to partner with various stakeholders in the realization of its vision.