Sport for peace and development

These are some of the youth in Lokichogio, Turkana West, under the program Sports for Peace. This program coordinates value-based sports for peace and development activities in Siaya and Turkana counties to facilitate peace education, value-based sports among children and youth to become agents of change. The department organizes regular sport and play activities in schools, cross border thematic sports tournaments and oversees the commemoration of international sports and peace events. Staff members in this department interact daily with beneficiaries through coaching and capacity building of target groups.
School Activities include
– Basketball for Development activities in Loki, Kakuma
– Regular sport and play activities in Loki, Lopiding and the 12 schools
– Thematic sports tournaments
– Commemoration of international days

Skills for life

The Skills for Alternative Livelihood (Vocational Training) program aims to improve the livelihoods of youth and women in Turkana West. The department builds the capacity of livelihood groups in various trades, financial literacy, numeracy, and literacy skills and life skills. The beneficiaries are trained in soft skills such as tailoring, hairdressing, beadwork, bakery, barber e.t.c as well as reproductive health to equip them in handling daily life challenges.

Food Security and nutritionFood Security and nutrition Natir farm in Lokichogio, Turkana West

This is Natir farm in Lokichogio, Turkan West, under our program food security and peace. This program facilitates opportunities for pastoral communities in semi-arid areas to enhance their food security and nutrition as a way of mitigating hunger. As pastoralism becomes challenging, many of the reformed warriors are resorting to supplementing their diet with agricultural cultivation of drought-resilient crops such as sorghum, kale, millet, and cowpeas.
Some of the outcomes:
~ Natir farmers planted and consumed various crops cowpeas, pumpkins to increase the nutritional intake.
~ Natir farmers are aware of the benefits of healthy eating and practice healthy eating habits with their households.
~ Natiir farmers are able to harvest, eat vegetables and sell extra to pay school fees for their children.

Natir farm in Lokichogio, Turkana WestMogilla Girls High Shcool in Lopiding, Turkana West

Mogilla Girls High Shcool in Lopiding, Turkana West, Junior Farmers Club, under food security and peace program.

This is just one of the ten schools who are under this program. The program provides technical support to learners and school facilitators in Agriculture and Nutrition. Junior Farmers Club activities engage children to enhance their farming capacity, skills transfer to the community and nutritional intake. Children are encouraged to embrace farming therefore, improving their nutritional intake at school and home.

Some of the outcomes:
~ There is Increased knowledge among community farmers on pest control measures.
~ Students improved their average mean score in science subjects
~ Clubs raised income from sale of surpuls vegetables
~ JFC income used to pay exam fees for needy JFC students
~ Junior farmers exhibited discipline, teamwork and responsibility
~ Awareness of Healthy and Unhealthy Choices in Life
~ Effects of poor nutrition on oneโ€™s health
~ Proper food handling techniques
~ Good hygiene behaviors and preventing infection