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Our story starts way back as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in th Slums of Korokocho.

Seeds Of Peace Africa International (SOPA) is a peace and development non-governmental
organization whose activities run across borders of Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan in partnership with funding partners, national and local community-based organizations.

It is a non-profit peace organization working for peace and non-violence, sustainable development and a friendly world.

SOPA International was registered as an NGO in March, 2006 and issued with a legal certificate number OP.218/051/2006/0471/3899.

However, prior to attaining the status of Non-Governmental organization, SOPA International has been operating as a Community based organization (CBO) since 2002 in the slums of Nairobi (Korogocho).

SOPA International strives to empower children and young people in communities, organizations
and learning institutions to support their endeavors to rebuild relationships, clarify personal and
organizational visions.

This helps them see reality more clearly and develop, maintain and resolve conflict in a non-violent manner, hence act with empathy, patience, integrity and courage in the process of disengaging from violence that surrounds them and becoming agents of peace and social transformation.

To attain this, SOPA uses Value Based Sports, Cultural Activities and Creative arts, life skills and Team Up strategies to engage the youth and community on issues that affect and impact their lives.

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