The Issues

There can be no development without peace!

The world today is experiencing an unbreakable vicious cycle of violence that has become a culture. Children and young people are no longer victims only but have also become perpetrators of violent conflicts and criminal acts against fellow children, young persons and other members of the society. Very few actors are targeting children and young people, with peace education work camps and the related activities, as a sure way of transforming the culture of violence into that of peace.

Too little resources, if any, have been allocated over the years towards transforming the culture of violence into a culture of peace through children and young people. The local and international community who get exposed to this concept will find it easy to appreciate and come into partnership with SOPA International to strengthen implementation of its programmes.

SOPA International has the time human resource capacity and structures to implement programs towards transforming the culture of violence into viable peace and sustainable development in society but has inadequate financial and material resources to perform.

We are the seeds of peace!